Management and Administration

The pre-school is run by an elected committee, which ensures that major decision making is in the hands of the parents who use the group. The committee are responsible for reviewing both policy and practices. All our policies are designed to offer the best possible experience for the children and families in the group. Our policies are reviewed on a regular basis and comments and suggestions from parents are always welcome. The committee are also responsible for our fund raising and the employment of the staff. Our Annual General Meeting, at which the committee for the following year is elected, is held in October and parents/carers will be informed in good time, so they are able to attend.

We list below the policies and procedures currently in place at St Johns Pre-School Group:

  • Admissions
  • Behaviour Management
  • Home Visit Policy
  • Complaints
  • Confidentiality
  • Critical Care/Emergency Procedures
  • Curriculum
  • Data Protection
  • Early Years Education Grant
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Equipment and Resources
  • Food and Drink
  • Health and Safety
  • Intruders Procedure
  • Lost Child
  • Medication and Illness
  • Non-collection of a child
  • Parental Involvement
  • Privacy
  • Record Keeping
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Settling in Pre-School
  • Special Educational Needs/Disability
  • Staffing and Employment
  • Student Placement
  • Zero Tolerance Policy

All our policies  can be viewed at the link below.

 St John's Pre-school Policy Document


Parent Information


Our Pre-School operates a waiting list system for allocation of places. We would advise Parents/Carers to always first visit the pre-school before requesting their child be placed on the waiting list. There is no registration fee payable if you wish your child’s name to be added to the waiting list. We would strongly recommend parents start to consider looking for a pre-school when their child is around eighteen months old and visit several pre-schools before deciding which is the right one for you and your child. You are very welcome to visit our pre-school at any time convenient to yourself.

The first days when your child starts pre-school are important and the pre-school and parents will work closely together to help the child feel confident and secure in the group. Parents should not worry if their child takes a while to settle. Parents/carers are encouraged to visit the pre-school with their child as often as they want before their child commences at the pre-school. Once your child has started at pre-school you can of course stay with them until you are happy to leave them in the care of our Staff.

At present fees are £5.50 per hour payable in advance.     You will receive a letter each half term advising you of the amount payable, and can be paid weekly, monthly or half termly, whichever is most convenient for you.  Payment is preferred direct into our bank account, details of which are given on your invoice.  We are happy to accept Childcare Vouchers. Under current legislation the Hampshire County Council Early Years Education Grant for 15 hours early years education is payable to every child the term after their third birthday.All administration concerning the claiming of this grant is carried out by the pre-school.  However  some parents will be eligible to claim 30 hours free Childcare, the application for this 30 hours entitlement has to be made by parents, when you have been advised you are eligible, the registration number you have been given needs to be advised to your chosen Early Years setting. Unfortunately we are not in a position to be able to offer 30 hours per week due to restraints imposed by our Landlord.  The maximum we can offer you would be 26 hours a week which is applicable in the year prior to your child commencing in Reception Class at Infant School. We are  also registered to accept the 2 year old funding for those eligible to receive it. All administration concerning the claiming of this grant is carried out by the pre-school


 February 2019- change to our refreshment time.

Due to the increasing number of children attending pre-school with food allergies and specific dietary requiremets, we are finding it difficult to provide all children with suitable healthy snacks within our limited budget.

We have therefore reluctantly taken the decision to ask with effect from Tuesday 26 February for you to supply your child each session they attend with a healthy snack that also meets their dietary requrements.  The container only needs to be small - 200ml is an ideal size.  Please ensure your child's name is clearly marked on both the lid and the container - in case they become separated from each other.  If your child attends any session from 9.00/9.15a.m. - 3.30p.m. they will require two containers that day.


On arrival at pre-school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday please place your child's snack in their appropriate colour group container - blue, green or yellow, together with their water bottle.  Please ensure both your child's water bottle and snack container are clearly marked with their name.  Please only fill the bottle with water.  On Friday please place your child's snack with their water bottle in their group container - Kipper, Elmer the Elephant, or The Hungry Caterpillar.


We will of course continue to offer your child milk or water to drink at refreshment time, but if your child cannot drink cows milk you are of course welcome to provide a subsitiute milk if you wish.  We regret, if you inadvertently forgoet your child's snack contaner, the pre-school will not be able to provde a snack for them.

Below are some suggestions for a healthy snack:

Any fruit or vegetable (readily prepared for your child to eat)





Yogurt - that does not require a spoon

Plain popcorn

Plain biscuits - e.g. rich tea, tuc, cheese thins


Please do not include:

Cream type biscuits e.g. custard creams, bourbon biscuits, jammie dodgers

Cookie type bisuits

Any sweets or chocolate.

















Summer Term 2019- newsletter


We hope you all had a good Easter break with lots of chocolate! 

A very big welcome to the three  families who have joined our pre-school this term, we hope you have an enjoyable time!

Our Cake Sale

Thank you to all who donated and bought cakes at our cake sale after the Easter Activity morning this raised the sum of £69.

Rushmoor Community Lottery

For every lottery ticket you purchase with Rushmmor Community Lottery we receive 50% so sign up and choose us! Thankyou.


Bag 2 School

Don't forget to fill up your bag with your unwanted clothes and bring it to pre-school by 9 a.m. Wednesday 24 April - thankyou.

 Safety of your child

 It is our Pre-School's priority your child's welfare and safety is paramount.  All parents and carers are asked to sign our "collection" book in the foyer at the beginning of the session with the name and contact of the adult who will be collecting their child at the end of the session if there is a change to the usual adult.  If a situation arises during the session where the usual collecting adult cannot be present we would ask you to telephone the Pre-School on 01252 403716 advising us of the change and give us the current password which has been advised to you.  The adult collecting your child will then be asked to sign the "collection" book when they leave the Pre-School with your child.  No child will be handed to an adult of whom we have no prior knowledge.  Should this sitation arise, the Pre-School will telephone you to obtain confirmation.

 Collecting your child at times apart from 12.15p.m. and 3.30p.m.

 As you are aware St Johns Pre-School has a flexible approach to your hours of attendance.  If you have opted for collection times of 1p.m., 2.15p.m. or 3 p.m., in order to maintain a high level of safety for your child, can we please ask you to wait outside the locked front door at your specified collection time.  Members of Staff will escort your child and their belongings to the foyer and will then open the door to you.  Can we please emphasise the doors will only be opened at these times.  If you have a situation whereby your child needs to be collected at any other time, can you please contact the pre-school beforehand to enable us to be prepared for your child's departure.

 9.00a.m. Drop off time

 As part of our flexible approach to meet each parent's individual requirements, we can offer a pre-arranged limited number of children a 9.00a.m. drop off tme.  However, we must stress to you on some occasions the pre-school may not be fully set up at this time, as the session does not begin until 9.15a.m.  We would ask you to hand your child to a member of staff, who will then ask them to sit quietly in our book corner until the pre-school equipment is safe for them to use.

Arrival at the start of the session

In order to avoid congestion in the foyer at the commencement of each session and the very quick turn round between the morning and afternoon sessions, your chid's "apple~" will be placed on a table in the hall for them to select on their arrival.  On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday if you wish, please come into the hall with your child and assist the, if they wish, with their placement of their "apple" on the "tree" settle them at an activity, if you wish, leaving your child in the care of a member of Staff when you are happy to do so.  On our Friday session please assist your child if they wish you to, on this session all the children sit on their naes on our carpet for a formal registration.  All members of Staff will be there to assist you and your child and to answer any questions you may have.  Alternatively if your child does not wish you to come into the hall with them, just leave them in the care of the staff members welcoming you both at the inner door into the hall.  We will of course during the session be undertaking two formal registration times, but hope this approach will assist the children at the beginning of the session.

As you will have noticed we now have some new coat pegs which hopefully will assist you and your child to find their name on your arrival.  Although we cannot obviously guarantee your child's picture will always be in the same position every session, it is our intention to keep the labels in colour groups, so would ask you not to move them around - very many thanks.

 Mobile Phones

The policy of St Johns Pre-School is that no mobile phones are to be switched on and used during the pre-school session.  If you are in the pre-school whilst are session is operating, please ensure your phone is kept safely and switched off with yourself at all times.  If you need to use your phone at any time, please leave the hall to do so.  If on any occasion we observe a mobile phone being used during our session you wll be asked to leave the premises immediately.

 Jules the Bear and Jasmine his Cousin

The Pre-School have their very own bear, who likes to spend time with the children.  If you are going on holiday, or just wish to borrow him for a weekend, he will be delighted to come with you and your family.  The only thing we ask you to do is to take a photograph of him when he is with you, as he has his very own photograph album of his travels.  He also has his very own passport if you are going abroad.  He has a cousin called Jasmine, to avoid any disappointment if Jules is very busy!  She likes to spend time with the children too.  They also like going to birthday parties and days out!!  Please ask a member of Staff to book either Jules or Jasmine out to your family.

 Payment of fees

Can we please ask you if, when paying fees by either cash or cheque to the Pre-School, you could kindly indicate clearly on your envelope the name of your child, the amount you are enclosing and what the payment is for, then place it in the locked cash box in the foyer.  If you are making a payment direct into our bank account, please ensure you quote your child's name on the payment - thankyou.  Unfortunately, with effect from September 2018 we have had  to reluctantly increase our hourly rate to £5.00

 Our toilet procedures

As you are aware the Staff are more than happy to change wet and soiled nappies, pull ups or pants if necessary.  However we are advised by St Johns Hall Management Committee there are no facilities for the disposal of soiled nappies or pull ups.  Therefore if the occasion arises, the soiled item will be rinsed off, as best we can, and then double wrapped in nappy sacks and given to you for disposal.  We are sorry about this, but obviously we have to abide by the hall regulations.  You will of course be advised at the end of the session your child has needed to be changed and asked to sign our "toileting" book.

Ofsted regulations

In accordance with requirements laid down by Ofsted, should your child have had an accident at home resulting in cuts, bruises etc., the Pre-School should be made aware of the incident on your arrival.  You wll then be asked to confirm this information by signing an entry in our procedures book.  Please accept our apologies for all this "signing" but we are sure you will appreciate the Pre-School has to adhere to the regulations imposed by the authorities.


Can we remind you, in accordance with the instructions received from our regulatory body - Ofsted, The Health Protection Agency, The Environmental Health Department of Rushmoor Borough Council and also our Medication and Illness, and Health and Safety policies, if your child has suffered from sickness and or diarrhoea they should not return to the Pre-School environment until 48 hours after their last bout.  This procedure is to ensure both the children and adults in the pre-school are not being subjected to any unnecessary infections.

 Parents/Carers Rota

Research shows that children learn better when their parents and carers are involved.  As you will be aware our Pre-School is dependent on paretal support.  Our rota system involves parents and carers in helping in the group when it is convenient for them.  This helps to maintain the high ratio of adults to children in the pre-school, guaranteeing individual care and attention for each child.  It also gives parents and carers the opportunity to take an activie part in the session to see what happens and to talk about it afterwards with their child.  In addition the rota provides a valuable oppprtunity for all children to see their own parent/carer in a new role.  The rota is on the notice board, just fill in a session when it is convenient to you.  Hope to see you there!

 "Free flow" between indoor and outdoor environments

With the emphasis on the opportunity for children to initiate theur own choices, can you please ensure your child has suitable outdoor clothing in the pre-school.  We have a supply of wellies!  Please rest assured free flow provision will only take place if the weather conditions are suitable.   Can we also reassure you that when our "free flow" is in operation your child is under constant adult supervision and we have reassessed the security of our fencing.  As you will be aware to enable the children to access the "free flow" provision we need to fence off part of the pathway around the front of the hall.  May we ask you kindly not to remove this barrier when dropping off or collection your child, just in case they are watching!  If on your arrival there are peices of our play equipment in the play area, can we kindly remind you your child is not covered by our insurance policy until the commencement of the session.  If they are using the equipment before the start of the session it is at your own risk

Packed Lunch Bags/Boxes and Water Bottles

Can we please ask you to ensure your child's name is clearly marked on their packed lunch containers, it cam become very confusing when there are several of the same character - thankyou. Can you also ensure your child's water bottle is clearly marked with their name.  when the staff are putting the water bottles in your child's tray at the finish of the pre-school session, it would help if the bottles were clearly marked- thankyou

Sun Cream

With the warmer westher in mind, the Pre-School are more than happy to administer your own sun cream to your child, particularly if they are with us all day.  However, if you wish us to do this, we will need you to complete our medication form giving us your written ermission.  Please ask a member of staff for a form if this is your wish.